Sunset at Calli's Equestrian Center
Calli's Equestrian Center

Become a Balanced Equestrian


    At the heart of Calli's Equestrian Center is our love for horses. We want to share that love, along with our knowledge of horseback riding, with you.

    Calli's passion is for the happiness and wellbeing of the horse, along with sharing her diverse and extensive knowledge of many disciplines and riding styles. Through her studies of anatomy, bio-mechanics, massage, and nutrition, Calli has learned how to help the horse and rider reach their highest level of performance and partnership. 

    With our diverse team of instructors and lesson horses, you will be sure to find the right fit for you. We urge you to join us for a lifelong journey alongside these majestic creatures.

Calli Pope & Bella Rosa Libertywork at Calli's Equestrian Center